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Advanced Bodybuilding Techniques

Any bodybuilder knows that changing techniques can only help to shock the muscles, the more variation we can add to our workouts the better chance of not slipping into a training plateau.

Here are some of the best advanced techniques for bodybuilding:

Drop Sets

Taking a specific weight and doing a set of 8 to 12 reps is the first step. Drop setting means that without taking a break you do another set using a lighter weight. This can be done three or even four times if you still have anything left.

Although drop sets were originally designed for muscle gain one can use drop sets to increase endurance. Drop setting taxes the muscles to the extreme that ups the intensity of any workout. It can also reduce the time of your workout as you will complete more sets in less time.

Extended Sets

Unlike when you do a superset using opposing body-parts like superset biceps and triceps when training with extended sets you are not super-setting the same body-part. For example, superset bench-press with incline D/B press or to superset military press with bent-over D/B raises.

Cheat reps

This is doing forced reps without a training partner where you start to use momentum. This method is at the bottom of the list for a good reason, it can cause injury when tempted away from good form which is why they are called cheats.

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