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Bodybuilding Nutrition Tips

Journey to Optimum Nutrition
Ten Nutrition Tips to Get You Started

By Diane Robert

TIP #1 Your intake of protein should be distributed throughout the day for maximum muscle growth. Your body does not store protein so if you consume a meal containing a large serving, the body will use what it needs and the rest will be stored as fat. For maximum benefit eat small portions of protein throughout the day with complex carbs such fruit or vegetables (raw is better and is loaded with enzymes for digestion) sprinkled with essential fatty acids.

TIP #2 The liver is the body's largest organ and is responsible for filtering hundreds of toxins from food, water and even the air that we breath. Help to support liver function by using Milk Thistle, a herb that protects the liver from damage caused by free radicals. Milk Thistle contains Silymarin which helps the liver to regenerate liver cells. Mike Thistle capsules should be taken at mealtime for best results. Follow the instructions on the label.

TIP #3 To maintain good health eliminate white flour, white sugar and white rice from your diet. Learn about whole grains and the vital role they play in your diet.

TIP #4 When choosing Olive Oil, reach for the dark glass bottle marked Extra Virgin Oliver Oil. Extra Virgin Oil is the highest grade of Olive Oil and has less than one percent acidity. It is best stored in a dark glass bottle or stainless steel container. Never store the oil in a plastic container!

TIP #5 Watch for hidden artificial sweeteners found in Sports Supplements; one case in point, Whey Protein Powder. Read the label and select NATURAL whey protein power that does not contain chemicals and artificial flavouring such as so-called natural strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, etc. Instead, add powerful fruits supplied by Mother Nature to your shake. Along with a good supply of protein, your shake will be chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants.

TIP #6 Boost your body's ability to burn fat by stoking up the "fat furnace" better known as thermogensis (this heat process involves the body's brown fat (good fat) which burns calories). Include essential fatty acids in your daily diet, select Udo's Choice® Oil Blend for the best blend in the correct ratio (critical elements for optimum use).

TIP #7 We have all come to know the crucial role that calcium magnesium plays in our diet. The most important consideration is your body's ability to absorb this important nutrient. Did you know that the average person only absorbs from 20 to 50% of calcium magnesium tablets and chewables? These forms of supplements are compressed with binders and must be broken down by the body. For optimum absorption, purchase liquid calcium magnesium which can be assimilated more readily within the stomach's acids. There are good quality brands of liquid calcium available. Personally I choose Floradix Calcium-Magnesium manufactured by FLORA Health. It is sweetened with pear, orange and mango juice adding the right acid balance to achieve maximum absorption. Definitely a thumbs-up!

TIP #8 To promote good health, choose cereals and pastas that have been enriched with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Drop by your local health food market where you will find a good selection of both organic cereals and pastas that contain no synthetic pesticides, additives or preservatives. Watch for he "Certified Organic" label.

TIP #9 If you are trying to shed some pounds, avoid ingesting carbohydrates prior to your cardio workout. Those carbs will prevent your body from accessing fat reserves for energy. Instead eat a small amount of protein which will not prevent the fatty acids from breaking down during exercise. Having said this, be sure to include complex carbohydrates in your diet - your athletic performance and overall health depends on them!

TIP #10 Avoid the temptation of adding raw eggs to your Protein Shake! They may contain microorganisms that can produce Salmonella poisoning. By cooking the eggs you will kill the bacteria. When shopping for eggs, avoid those that are cracked and check the label for expiration.

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