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Bodybuilding Workout Tips

Leo's Workout Tips

By Leo Robert. Former Mr. Universe Pro

Always seek the advice of your physician before starting a program of exercises. To achieve maximum results and to avoid injury, consult with a certified fitness trainer to ensure that you are using proper technique and form for all of your exercises.

Tip #1
Learn all that you can to achieve and maintain healthy eating habits and sound nutrition. Visit your local health food store.

Tip #2
Once you find a program that is geared towards your age, health, lifestyle, workout history and fitness goals, remain on that program for at least three to four months for maximum results.

Tip #3
To fully develop all four angles (upper/lower/inner/outer) of each of your muscles, vary your grip and angle while using free weights.

Tip #4
Wait no more than one minute between each of your sets. You must keep the blood flowing to the muscles you are working!

Tip #5
Warm-up with a 10 to 15 minute cardio exercise before you begin your workout.

Tip #6
Be sure to get 48 hours rest in between workouts. The rest you give your muscles is as important as the exercise!

Tip #7
Always concentrate on the muscle that you are working. It will help the muscle to contract and respond better to the exercise.

Tip #8
Find yourself a good workout partner . This will help to motivate you to "go the extra mile".

Tip #9
Developing your latissimus dorsi not only strengthens your back but gives you that great V shaped torso. Complete the image with some well developed deltoids and trapezius muscles.

Tip #10
Spread Those Lats! To achieve maximum development of the latissimus dorsi, concentrate on opening the lats muscles. Barbell rowing with a wide grip is one of the best exercises and will help you obtain that V image!

Tip #11
Want bigger arms? - then don't devote all of your time to working your biceps. In fact, you will need to spend more time on your triceps! The tricep muscle has three heads that require considerable attention but once developed can really make a difference to the overall size and proportion of your arms.

Tip #12
The chin-up exercise is one of the best exercises for developing the shoulders and back.

Tip #13
Over 40 guys - please pay special attention to your flexibility. In addition to your weight training program, you need to keep your body limber through stretching exercises! It will help you to avoid muscle strain, improve your posture and relieve tension in your muscles. Try static stretches in between sets!

Tip #14
If you are trying to lose fat, be careful of those calorie restricted diets as they can impair both your strength and the efficiency of your muscles. Instead, increase your cardio and eat healthy, wholesome foods.

Tip #15
Training in the morning is fine but try to avoid Heavy workouts at this time. The best time is mid-afternoon or early evening.

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