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Multi Angle Bodybuilding Training

Approach Weight Training from Every Angle

By Leo Robert. Former Mr. Universe Pro

As convenient as machines may seem allowing you to quickly move through your routine, they do not measure up to the benefits of free weights.

To attain a well proportioned muscular physique, it is important to work each muscle from four different angles; i.e. top, bottom, inner and outer areas. The angle of the exercise can be adjusted by the way you grip a barbell using either a close grip, shoulder or wide grip. The way you exercise a muscle can also be adjusted by your range of motion and by inclining or declining a bench. All these elements play a major role in your overall development.

For an example when working the arms using a curling bar or dumbbells, it is important to pay particular attention to full range movements. If you only pump the muscle half way, you may end up with an "apple bicep", where only the medial part of the bicep muscle is developed. By going all the way up and all the way down, the top and bottom part of the bicep muscle will become part of your workout. Size, definition and proportion should be your ultimate goal.

One of the pitfalls to many workout routines is spending too more time on exercises that we enjoy doing. More times than not, the exercise we dislike the most demands attention from our weaker muscles. In order for your muscles to be in proportion, you must achieve the right balance in your workout routine.

For an example, If you spend lots of time on your trapezes while not paying equal attention to your shoulder or deltoid muscles, you may end up with a bottleneck physique. Instead of an upper body looking square, the neck and shoulders may take on a sloping appearance. Although not impossible, it can be quite a challenge to bring a particular muscle group back into proportion with the rest of your body. Choose a well-rounded program and work on overcoming your weaknesses. Make your experience in the gym time well-spent!

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